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May. 13th, 2016

London by Night - Episode 7

My new coterie seems to be flourishing rather well. They have shown loyalty to me on various occasions, not least my new protege, the son of my old rival North. It is through Oliver that I have learned of the Lady Anne's interference and intentions to aid Mithras to rise from his deep slumber.

The elders know too well that if this is the case and Mithras is soon to rise, we will all be held accountable for our mistakes. I do not know how many loyal subjects may be destroyed in his awakening, and this makes me nervous. It may be time to plan an exit strategy if, when the time comes, events do not go according to our plans.

Oh the dilemma, anyway, I digress. The recent elysium held by the ever gracious host Dr. Gregory Wildman proved to be be an exceptional one. Most of our society was seen to be at the event, with Dr. Fountaindike and his creation Marcello proving to be a success within our small community. It is easy to see why he draws a large crowd, although I must admit I do not approve of his methods in capturing one of my fallen brothers, and using him for his own creations, regardless of the marvel. This is a fine example why the Giovanni clan cannot be trusted (in my humble opinion) and I would rather fight a hundred sabbat than be held captive in a case of metal.

It also seems that my thoughts are shared by other members of the kindred within my city. I heard Mr. Metternich being very vocal of his disapproval towards Dr. Fountaindike, and I may use this and him to retrieve the metal man so we can put poor Marcello to rest. I believe that the Lady Dunsirn and a few other coterie members are on their way to Manchester with Fountaindike and his retinue to ensure their safe arrival. My worry is that North will forget his clan allegiance for that of his coterie, but we shall see.

Juliette has recently informed me that they have also made great progress in gaining the trust and ear of Professor Wildman. That man has always treated me with pity, yet these youngsters have managed to do what I have not for years. If the rumours are true, and we have more than the recently disbanded Setite temples within the city then we must indeed flush the snakes out. I cannot have powerful cults within the city making trouble and drawing attention to our kind. Plus if the setites have an enslaved immortal, there is much damage that can be done to our precious court of Avalon, a situation I cannot have.

It may be time to encourage the youth to power and offer a position of sheriff deputy to Juliette.

Nov. 4th, 2011

Vampire the Dark Ages - Jerusalem - session 16

The game tonight is on, yet I have a confession, "Due to utter lack of organisation, shoddy notes and a clapped out brain I can't for the life of me remember what happened last session in its entirity"

So Things I do rememmber

- Stibor and Uriel found Zoul, who was in torpor, they found stuff out then leo tried to diablerize him. great big cloud of sand rose up around said torpored elder and whisked the body away.

Lorenzo was recovering from the earlier fight.

Lady Kara - ready to arrive / preperations made.

thats about it, so if anyone can remember anything else - pls pls can you let me know

Sep. 2nd, 2011

Session 11 VDA

Uriel followed Vaclav through the area, sensing that the time was ripe for ending this miserable creatures existence, attacked the tremere without warning. It looked like uriel was about to prevail until a female bodyguard parried the killing blow meant for Vaclav. A hurried and furious fight ensued, until realising her only option was to carry the barely surviving tremere and run at lightening speed until she got them both to safety.
The dark skinned Murtaza arrived at the city gates of Jerusalem, immediately he headed to the most useful looking person and asked him for directions to the traders market. It was at the market that Murtaza found his old friend and ally Varsik. A warm reaction was had once Varsik locked eyes upon him, and after much embracing and shaking of hands, the old friends headed to Varsik's abode to talk of old tales and victories. After a welcome drink and a short rest the duo headed to boniface, as Varsik was keen to introduce his friend to the most affluent of vampires.
Meanwhile Lorenzo had a weeping Bernadus on his hands, his mind was now straight yet had no memories of his alleged activities. After using his unique abilities Lorenzo surmised that Bernadus had obviously been violated using dominate and that it was Vicelin was the one responsible. Knowing this he grabbed Bernaus and made for the rest of the group to share this revelation.
The meeting with Boniface had obviously gone well, as the now three of them headed through the crowded streets, (it was amazing how many people came up to this boniface to give him information and it was clear to murtaza that he was asking for a specific group of people) Eventually Boniface found the coterie, and they did not look pleased at the interruption, after much diversion boniface introduced Murtaza to the group, who in turn recognised him as the vampire who had helped them with the children. With Murtaza introduced Boniface started to talk of other things with Varsik and the two elders left to discuss business.
Leo set off to home, to check how trade was progressing, and found a woman dressed in traditional combat garb standing in his reception room. Her name was Habiba, and once she spoke her sire's name, Leo was immediately quiet and respectful. She, Habiba was working a contract for mara in protection of her newly sired child, Vaclav. He had now been put to ground and would not be causing anymore trouble. The two assamites came to an agreement, If it was proved that her associates were involved in Infernalism then habiba would aid the coterie, in return Habiba wanted Leo to give her information of Boniface's sire.
The group arrived at Stibor's house, looking around the room they noticed that a fight must have taken place. This was confirmed by Uriel and Leo finding the unconscious form of klaus hidden in the bushes in the garden. They brought him round with blood, and soon a tale of how three men had laid a trap for stibor, the last thing that klaus remembered was one of the men staking stibor through the heart. One of the names Klaus remembered was Erasmyus. Erasymus was, it turned out a friend of Vicelin, and the other was a brujah by the name of Torad.
The coterie set off to Lucius, Uriel knew that if any justice could be done then lucius was the one to cull his child.

Apr. 8th, 2011

Vampire: The Dark Ages - Jerusalem - Sands Ran Rutilus Scelero - Sanctus Locus

A very very quick update this week.

You all decided to travel to acre -
Before entering the city you stopped an attack on an assamite,by two members of the tremere
you met a wise man/ healer (who was reputed to be possibly a member of the shemsu - heru)
You met Etienne - the prince of Acre
lorenzo faltered on a test of faith and was rescued by the wise man
Lorenzo got given a trinket/talisman
You met Sir Michael of Durham - who had independant means of getting you a meeting with art
A meeting was requested by art for a member of the group to take place (luck would have it) in the evening of the next day

Session End

Sep. 21st, 2009


You Scored as Commander William Adama

You have risen to your position by being damn good at what you do. Not only that, you have the deepest respect for the people under your command. You may be a little grumpy and unapproachable, but every commander needs to distance himself. Shame that you apply that to your children too.

Commander William Adama
Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo)
Lt. Kara Thrace (Starbuck)
CPO Galen Tyrol
Number 6
Col. Saul Tigh
Tom Zarek
Dr Gaius Baltar
Lt. Sharon Valerii (Boomer)
President Laura Roslin

Jun. 1st, 2009

Session I - Alchemist's Delight - Unhallowed Metropolis

The world is dark, dank, full of rotting decay at every moment and putrid air hangs thick in London City.

Maxwell Blownsburg & Hugh Jenkins
In the squalid undertones of East London sit two undertakers in a pub (the four horsemen) discussing events of the day. Both of them are in a similar situation, lacking in funds, they sit sipping slap. A gentleman walks in and posts a target ground of animates. The Undertakers decide that as a job pays, a flushing of Islington Crematorium/Cemetery is what is required. They arrive at the cemetery to find a naked headless corpse placed carefully on a stone slab grave, while investigating, they happen upon the keeper of the grounds who is convinced that they murdered the girl ( IT WAS 'EM WHO DID IT!) After his kid scrambles for the police, the bounty hunters head into the chapel for a cup of tea, to await the arrival of the constabulary.  After a short while Inspector Macintyre arrives and inspects the scene finding with his amazingly deductive powers a solid yet small golden rose and a locket (used to identify victim) He then due to the nature of his inquiry sends a message to the superintendant who then messages Jonathons Boss.

Eddie Carter
Meanwhile Eddie is given a direct line of inquiry and once again takes the form of Mr. Harold Melbourne.

Jonathon Edwards
At this particular moment in time Jonathon is in the office of his employer. He is given a dossier on several victims, and has had the nature of the documentation.

Count Ernst Albrecht Von Altenburg
Ernst rides on horseback through the streets of  London to 47 Cromwell Street in Kensington, the home of the Twelve O'Clock Club, a very gentlemanly affair, known only to a select few, the rich, the privileged and the very brave of today's society. Upon entering the club, he meets his old friend Sir David Owens (a fine gentleman not only rich in wealth but in mind and essence too) they meet a new Gentleman called Mr Harold Melbourne, whom they find to be an initiate into their ranks, nominated by a Mr. Avers, a small ratty yet excellent combatant. Mr Melbourne then approaches the President and is sworn in with their ceremony. At the end everyone in the hall chants " NEX HABITUM HAUD VEREOR!!!"

Meanwhile in office of his master, Jonathon waits and watches tentatively at the telegram that his master is reading and furiously scribbling in the dossier  . "Right Jonathon there has just been another one - this time we have to mean business- get that to Sir David Owens and make sure you do even if it costs you your life! Now Get Out!" Jonathon leaves the office hastily and sets to getting to the required address as fast as he can. He arrives very quickly at St. Edwards House, and demands entry using official documentation (Mr Edwards) and gives the dossier to Sir David Owens - (whom at the time is deep in discussion with the count)- His Face crumples and whispers " cousin it is Chastity - She has been killed in Islington Cemetary, in the same situation as the other four girls" Owens with Altenburg and Edwards (closely yet unsuspecting followed by  Mr Melbourne) leave immediatley and travel at break neck speeds through the city until they reach their goal, the cemetery.

When the gentlemen arrive, they are welcomed by shots ringing out into the dark night, shots that are decimating a few dessicated animates shambling from the south crematorium.(Mr. Melbourne hides and notes - all useful information -all eyes on)  The Inspector sends a young whipper snapper into the undertakers fold to persuade them to stop just until the crime scene is noted and processed properly, luckily the Hounds in leather agree and make their way to the central island where they see an Aristocrats Coat of arms on a carriage door. Unfortunatley Hugh makes a comment just in earshot and the count retaliates by shooting in at short range in the leg, not to be taken down by a man he had only just seen Hugh responds by blowing a bullet hole in the shoulder of the count. Realising that this could quickly escalate, Sir David weighs in with the Inspector, and eventually an agreement is reached for a duel when the nasty business is over.  As tempers run high and deals are made, they suddenly realise they are under threat of a larger group of fresher animates. They all go into offensive positions , all that is apart from Jonathon and Macintyre - Jonathon standing amused and perusing the damage of the group, while Macintyre starts to masterbate furiously over the old man, saying he had never seen such eyes as his.
Once the animates are despatched the group returns to its discussion of the killer, meanwhile Harold makes himself unseen and hides behind a bench, noticing a pale sallow looking man perched on one of the walls. Harold then decides he is going to startle the stranger while getting the attention of the rest of the group.  The rock hits the ground, and the stranger leaps around, and then starts running and disappears into the dead of night. The Party horrified that this may be the murderer, persue him at all costs, unfortunatley by the time the count gets to the known location, the only trace is a small gold star - the star of david.

Unseen by the group, Harold leaves and sets on his mission of going to the east end to grimshots location and bartering with him with regards to arms. Once there Grimshot gives Harold a fine heavy revolver and even more generously 100 bullets, basing his kindness on the fact that if Hazzer got shot in action with these crazy nutters, it would spoil things now then wouldn't it?
Armed Harold leaves Grimshot to the company of his thugs and trys to track the group down by going to the only place he knows they might be - THE TWELVE O'CLOCK CLUB!


Meanwhile after all the evidence is bagged and tagged and theories are drawn, the group are invited to spend supper with Sir David to help him on his quest with finding the GOLD ROSE BUTCHER, both of the undertakers hungry after a long day and the prospect of a fine meal accept the invite and immediatley take the journey to Thurloe Place via the collections office to get the wages for the day. Jonathon arrives with Sir David, eats a hearty meal and falls asleep in the study. A little while later both hunters arrive at thurloe place, and are met by Jeeves (a very peculiar little man obsessed with trivial matters, cleanliness and ettiquette).

The Count however has a mission - to return to the club, Once he gets there he demands a meeting with the president, and informs him of the terrible tragedy that has stuck the family. Insensed with anger and the right for justice Morley places a cheque into the counts hand for £50 to make at total boon of £200 reward to catch the bastard that has ruined so many lives. The count of course is granted all of the clubs privilages to aid him and the group in the recovery of the killer, and is also made aware of the undertaker situation at Owens home. As the count makes to leave he runs into Mr. Melbourne, and after a small discussion they both depart for Owens home. Once there jeeves is reminded of the lack of ettiquette of the lower classes who goes into the library and makes both men get up just to put a sheet underneath them on the settee.

Once everyone is fed they start to discuss events and make a few good discoveries -
1) the days between killing are getting closer and there is a pattern
2) the meaning of the golden rose is the alchemical symbol for inner and outer perfection of ones self.
3) The group are now awaiting the news of a match to the gold from another source via the police.